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Best Live Baccarat Sites In Canada

The term ‘Live Baccarat’ might sound unusual to you because you’re used to land-based and online casino games. Well, the involvement of live dealers in casino games has stimulated the gaming experience for players from the comfort of their homes. Thus, with live baccarat online Canada, you can enjoy baccarat games at their finest anytime, anywhere as long as you’ve got a mobile device with a stable internet connection.  

Baccarat boasts some of the best odds in casino games, and in this kind of casino game, your main objective is to reach a value closest to 9 or that adds up to 9. 

This page will walk you through the best live baccarat Canada site, how to play, its rules, and other ideas to help you thrive playing this casino game. Firstly, check out our list of recommended best live baccarat Canada sites to try this year.


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How to Play Live Baccarat?


Baccarat is commonly regarded as the elite rollers’ preferred game! Yes, this exciting casino card game boasts simple concepts and options that spice up the gaming fun. 

Just like the regular Baccarat, Live Baccarat also follows the same rules of the game. That is; You must defeat the dealer by placing a winning wager on Tie’s hand, Banker’s hand, or Player hand, with the objective to reach a value close to 9 or that adds up to 9; 

In Live Baccarat online casino games, they make use of 8 x 52-card deck packs, and players are expected to pick where to put a bet before the casino dealer deals the cards. That is, either the Banker wins, the Player wins, or it would be a Tie.

Once you’ve placed the bet, two cards would be dealt with you and the banker. If the sum of your card compared to the banker’s card is closest to 9, you win. But if it’s otherwise you lose.

 There you have it! Live Baccarat Online Canada is one of the most straightforward games of the casino to master. The live baccarat Canada game rules permit the dealer to simply continue a predetermined path even without the Player touching the cards. Simply place your bet! Be it the Player Hand, Banker Hand, or a Tie.


Rules of Live Baccarat


Live Baccarat is a straightforward game to master. Following the placement of bets, 2 different hands are handed. One is given to the ‘Banker’ (the dealer) and the other to the Participant. The goal of the game doesn’t change. Just get a value closest to, or that adds up to nine points in 2 cards.

The following are the card values:

Card Point 

Ace 1

2 to 9 Counted on the basis of its face value

King /Queen /Jack/10 0

If the hand score ends up more than 9, then the second digit of the point is taken into play. For example, a hand of 8+4+3 equals 13, and so would score 3.

Players can wager on only 1 of 3 outcomes: a participant Win (paying out over odds on 1:1, even money), a dealer Win (paying out over 1:1 odds, minus a 5% fee), or a Draw (paying out on odds of 1:1, minus 5% fee). A $1000 bet, for example, returns $950 net), or Tie paid in 8:1

Rules for Player hand:

The Banker or Player wins ( ties when the opposing hand has the same number of scores) if both are dealt on 9 or 8 in two cards, known as a ‘natural’ hand. A natural nine performs better than a natural eight.

When the Player has two cards total of 0-5, then the 3rd card must be drawn.

Drawing a third card is not possible when the first 2 cards are 7 or 6, and the dealer will draw when the score is between 0-5.

Live Baccarat Bet Placements


Check out your Live Baccarat table. A BET LIMITS screen displays the min and max betting amounts that can be placed on the game. Thus, once anyone tries to stake higher or lesser than the required betting amount, the player would be notified.

Only bids within the range of the maximum and minimum betting amount are accepted. Plus, you should have enough cash in your account to match all of your stakes to play online Baccarat. You’ll be able to see the current balance, as it’ll be displayed on the screen.

Another thing to consider before playing Live Baccarat is the TRAFFIC LIGHT. The colour scheme is as follows:

Green: Bet your money 

Orange – The betting window is about to close.

Red – The betting period has ended.


Advantages of Live Baccarat


Baccarat with a live dealer is the closest we can get. Whenever the casino atmosphere is transported to your sitting room of the house, there seem to be a lot of excellent things to be had!

  • Convenience

The baccarat game is brought to you by Live Casinos. Whenever you visit a Live Dealer Casino, you are provided with the complete shebang. Everything is in place: the lighting, the camera, attractive dealers, and the hot tub table. It’s just like you’re in Vegas without having to spend any expense of going there.

  • Dealer Selection

Imagine a casino with attractive men and ladies fully dressed, available to deal with your cards. Consider the possibility of being able to choose your own dealer. You can choose the race or sexuality of the dealer. All these, just from your couch. Super cool!

  • Real Human Dealer

Have you ever imagined playing at a casino where you can communicate with the dealer and see all he/she does? Live baccarat Canada, features a real human banker that makes moves in real-time via video stream. You can even ask the dealer questions and engage in fun conversations that spice up the gaming experience.

How to Create a Good Live Baccarat Strategy


There are a few strategies to bear in mind that might help you sway the odds sufficiently in your favour to make the gaming experience more enjoyable or, admittedly, financially profitable.

  • Bet Banker

The Banker’s stake has a commission, usually approximately 5%; you should avoid it if you’re utilizing any form of wagering system, either progressive, negative or negative

If you want to use all the natural 1.06 percent house edge, adhere to Banker wagers, which is also a fairly decent figure for gameplay that is more consistent.

  • No such thing as a safe bet

When deciding on the most acceptable BET option, you must first determine your end goal. This may be your “best alternative” if you wish to neutralize the average gross profit and maintain wagering just on Bankers regardless of the commission. You’re better off going with the Player bet for just any plan.

  • Make a spending plan and stick to it.

When actual money seems to be at the stake, it’s better to try and plan ahead of time. Sure, it may require a small amount of amusement. However, some people adore winning. Establishing a budget for your project can provide you with direction and purpose.

You will not want to adhere to this limit religiously. Still, understanding that you will have $300 or $400 to play with this month will enable you to choose game variants that match your accessibility and financial means.

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