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All You Need To Know About Live Roulette Casinos Online 2022

If you are a casino freak who knows the basics of casino games, it is very difficult for you to spend days and months without going to a casino. And going to a casino for spending money involves pre-spending as well. Casinos might not be in your vicinity and that makes it all the more difficult to have a casino experience in real time. The good news is that you now have the option of playing casino online in real time. Live casino games with the presence of a human dealer replicate the casino’s experience for you while you are in the comfort zone of your home. People from Canada who are casino lovers now have the option to play live online Roulette without waiting to go to a real casino. Read through to find more details about Live Online Roulette. 

How to Play Live Roulette Online

Playing Roulette online or offline has one quintessential requirement – That is; knowing the rules of the game along with the different types of bets available. 

Anyways, below are things to know before you engage in playing live roulette online.

  1. Find an online casino for you

There are many platforms that offer live online roulette in their casino game lobby. You can log in to a game that you already know or you can just log in to find out which all games are running at the moment or you can enter a random room and find a random game going on. 

  1. Choose a perfect table on which you want to play. 

If the dealer is on a break, you might find some tables to be closed or not operating; just like in a real casino situation. 

  1. Placing of bets comes next.

Perhaps you’ve entered in the middle of an already running game, you will have to wait until the next game starts. On live roulette dealers Canada, you can click on the chips you wish to wager and then place them on the betting table. The bets are to be placed before the countdown clock reaches zero, and if you win the payouts will be sent to you as per your bets. The same process follows for the next round.

Benefits of a Live Roulette Dealer

Just like offline casino games, live Roulette dealer is one of the most popular casino games played in the online mode also. It gives the benefits of both worlds – enjoying the casino experience as well as enjoying the comforts of your home. 

  • The dubiousness in the mind while playing roulette online is because of the absence of a human dealer. The system might crash or hang, and there are chances you might lose your money. But in live roulette, this part is usually taken care of by the casino service. 

  • The dealer is visible in the live roulette and that gives the faith that there is a human involved in the entire process. This increases the credibility of the platform on which you are playing the game. 

  • The dealer has a headphone and a microphone to entertain your queries and can answer you as and when needed.

  • The game goes on in real-time and if the dealer takes a break or is not present on the table for taking your bets, the game is not continued. 

  • A live roulette game mimics the original land-based casino atmosphere for you so that you may be able to keep yourself entertained within your comfort zone. 

Providing a human touch and being able to build trust is the topmost benefit of engaging with live roulette. 

Live Roulette Basics & Tips

A few tips that might help you win at a game of live roulette online include, but are not confined to, the following:

  1. Avoid a table that shows the following characteristics:

  • Is aggressive

  • The chitter chatter is extremely loud

  • The betting risks are extremely high

  • Alcohol consumption is way too much

  1. Plan your bets according to the money that you want to invest. Do not exceed your spending limit. When you start winning, do not become greedy. Ensure to not exceed your set limits for the day. 

  2. Keep practicing online roulette for free and practice your bets in a mock game without putting your money on stake. Once you know your bets right and have set your strategies right, use your money in an original live game. 

  3. In the final game, do not start betting your money instantly. Have a look at the game for a while, check the winning numbers. If you do not find a table to your liking, switch the table and then again take time to get hold of the new table. Once you know you are at the right table, and then start making your bets gradually. Start with outside bets at the beginning and gradually start increasing your bet size. 

Live Roulette vs Standard Roulette

The thrill of playing and the butterflies in stomach feeling is a constant in casino games. Online live roulette in Canada is almost similar to a standard roulette; with minor differences definitely. The first and foremost thing that changes between the two is the experience. While playing in a land casino establishment will make you feel like being a part of the real experience, the live online thing will try giving you a similar experience from the comfort of your home. 

In the standard roulette the roulette variations are mostly limited but on online live roulette, there is no limit. There is huge diversity. All the types of roulette that are available are open for you to play. 

In standard roulette, the dealer is in front of you, there are other people and you can get the feel of chips and roulette wheels in front of you. In online live roulette, despite there being a live dealer for taking your bets, you will still be sitting in the comforts of your home and looking at your screen. 

Roulette has better payouts online than it does live. It’s a lot cheaper for casinos to run things online rather than running them in standard format. In the live online mode, an active internet along with a person as dealer is the only requirement. 

Distraction from live players is more in standard roulette and extremely low or zero in case of live online roulette. 

Comparing the two is difficult. Both have their own benefits and demerits. It depends upon your location if you can get a standard roulette experience or else the option of live online roulette is always available. 

What to Consider When Playing Live Roulette

Although live roulette is almost similar to the normal roulette, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind before you start placing bets, which include:

Play outside bets if you want to bet large – The outside bets that pay 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 help you win big. Inside bets give you huge money in return like 35 to 1 but the chances of winning are lower. If you play inside bets, ensure to play some outside bets to mitigate your losses that come from inside bets. 

Relying entirely on betting systems and strategies is not a good strategy. Nobody wants to wait for a long time span to let the system work in your favor plus it takes a hell lot of bank balance to rely on different betting strategies. No advice from any professionals will help in this regard. You just have to be active and see what’s going on at your table. Anyhow, luck is the most important factor that works. Stay aware and make timely decisions. 

Your money is not meant to be wasted. If you do not understand the odds, do not bet. The inner bets placed on single numbers have the least chances to achieve success. It would be better if the bets are placed on groups of numbers and different other parameters like rows and/or columns increase the chances of winning. Know the betting rules right before you start putting in your hard earned money in the lap of fate and luck. 

Remember always that the roulette is going on in real-time. This information is important to remember that while you are not in the real casino you need to be more alert and see what is going on. While you are lounging in your home, do not forget that it is still your real money that is at stake. 


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