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Best Online Blackjack Websites in Canada

Otherwise known as 21, blackjack is one of the most popular games played at casinos in Canada. Needless to say, you must be looking for the best online blackjack in Canada to play the game from the comfort of your home. 

And that is why we have compiled a list of the best websites to play online blackjack in Canada for real money. You can register yourself on any of these sites and play blackjack online. But the guide is not limited to only websites names; you will also find out how to play blackjack online in Canada as well as the rules of blackjack and how to get started with it. The odds and payouts, the variations, and more. Read on to find everything about playing blackjack online in Canada. 

Online Blackjack Rules & Getting Started

As mentioned, blackjack is also known as 21, and for a reason: the goal of the game is to reach a total as close to 21. You will also be mindful that you do not go over 21 and stay closer to 21 than the dealer. As per convention, the game is played with one standard deck, i.e., 52 playing cards — but today, you can easily find online blackjack in Canada games being played with four to eight decks. 

We will discuss more on that later in this guide; here are the basic rules of blackjack: 

  • Card Values: All the picture cards in blackjack are worth 10, and the other cards have their face value. However, there is an exception with the Ace card — as it could be worth both 1 or 11. 

  • Making a bet: to stake the first bet, opt for the chip size and place it on the table. Of course, you are allowed to place multiple chips to amplify your bets. 

  • Single-Hand & Multi-Hand: you can decide whether to play with one hand or multiple hands, i.e., sit at one table or sit at multiple seats to increase your chance of winnings. 

  • Order of Play: after placing the first bet — click the DEAL to start the game

These are the basic rules of blackjack. Depending on the variants, you will see some advanced options, but this is how you could start the game. Read on to find the order of play that you’ll have to follow while you play blackjack online in Canada’s online casinos.


Playing Guide

If you want to play online blackjack in Canada for real money then start by registering yourself on one of the reliable casinos for local Canadian users. As you will find out in this guide, there are hundreds of online casinos that let you play games like blackjack virtually. Meanwhile, you could also play blackjack for free with fake money — at any random site on the internet (there exist free casinos) in case you want to try the game first. Here’s how to play blackjack online: 

The game will start as soon as you place the first bet and hit the DEAL toggle.

  • Each player will get two cards facing up — everyone will see the face value of those two cards. The dealer, too, will get two cards — one facing up and the other being dealt face down. 

  • You can decide to Stand, hit, split, double down, or surrender — explained later. 

  • The dealer will take his turn at the very last and will HIT — when the value of cards is 16 or less. They will choose to Stand if their cards are worth 17 to 21. 

How will you win?

  • Well, if the total value of the cards in your hand is higher than the dealers, it should be less or equal to 21 too. 

  • You will also win if the dealer cards are worth more than 21 and yours didn’t.  

  • You could hit the blackjack, i.e., an Ace and a 10-value card. If so, you will have the highest payout, i.e., 3:2. Nevertheless, the dealer could also have a blackjack. 

The terms: 

  • Busting: if the total value of the cards is over 21. You could never go busting at the very start but could attain that even with a single hit — the luck, as they called it. 

  • Hit: after the first two cards are dealt, you could choose to Hit to take an additional card from the dealer. 

  • Stand: if you want to keep the cards at hand, simply press Stand to avoid taking the card. 

Online Blackjack Rule Variations

The most traditional variant of blackjack is that of 21. It’s all about valuing the cards in hand to 21 or less — and more than the dealer — to win. But that is not the only variant out there. You can easily find more than twenty variations on any online blackjack platform in Canada. And each variant brings a new set of rules forcing you to learn about the new odds and strategies — to amplify your chances of winning the game. Here are some of the major variants played at the best online blackjack casinos in Canada

European Blackjack

One of the most popular variants of blackjack, European blackjack familiarizes you with the fundamental strategy. So, your chances of winning are more, given you already know the game by now.  

American Blackjack

Expanding on the European variant, American blackjack, allows players to double down on any hand and split it multiple times to give you additional chances of winning the game. The dealer, in this variant, could also win with the blackjack combination dealt in the first round. 

Classic Blackjack Gold

In the Classic Blackjack Gold variant, the player’s challenge is to achieve a hand that totals 21 or less, i.e., when the dealer has a lower hand or busts out. 

Multi-hand Blackjack Gold

Any variant of the Blackjack, the multi-hand Blackjack Gold allows players to bet at five hands, at the same time, increasing your chances five times more. 

Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21

Here instead of a single deck, eight decks are dealt. But each deck is missing ten cards. 

Double Exposure Blackjack or “Zweikartenspiel”

Remember the rule of Blackjack in the classical variant? Well — in the Double Exposure Blackjack or “Zweikartenspiel” — the dealer also shows the second card value to all the players, giving you an equal playing field. 

Atlantic City Blackjack

Similar to the conventional blackjack, the Atlantic City variants bring exciting rules as the dealer will stand on soft 17, and you could double down after a split. 

Odds & Pay-outs

When you win at the game — you win your original amount plus an equal size as winnings. If you won at a regular hand — the payout is 1:1, i.e., you get the original winnings plus an equal size as winnings. Moreover, when you hit the jackpot — the payout is 3:2, i.e., if you have placed a bet of C$1, you will receive C$2.5 as the total amount. 

Well, that is the payout when you have played with Hit or Stand. The pays differ with different variants and the way you played. Here’s a description guide of each payout: 

  • Winning Hand has a payout of 1:1, i.e., the regular hand. In this case, you have to bring the combination higher than the dealer. 

  • Insurance has a payout of 2:1

  • Blackjack can give you 3:2 — when you hit the blackjack. 

  • Perfect pair can give you 25:1 of payout. While this is impossible at single-seat variants, the multi-variants could land you with this. 

  • Coloured Pair has 12:1

  • Red/Black Pair has a payout of 6:1

  • Suited Three of a Kind pays the highest with 100:1 as winnings

Online Blackjack Playing guide

You can refer to the above online blackjack playing guide to learn how to play blackjack. In case you want to try a different variant, then the rule variation section will familiarize you with the type of blackjack and changes in rules. Of course, it is advised to go through all the rules, the odds, and payout before you try the particular variant via online guides. 

You can also play blackjack online for free on some platforms. But do not expect any winning in return; they are simple platforms that allow you to play the game with virtual money. Even some of the best online casino platforms have free trials; it is best to try them instead. As they have reliability, unlike the entirely free websites — that make money via online ads. 

Here are some online blackjack casino reviews for you to consider: 

  • JackpotCity Casino: at the first deposit, the Jackpot City Casino gives you up to a $1600 bonus, depending on the size of the deposit. The overall payout of the platform is 97% — the highest in Canada. You could deposit money via different modes and expect payout within 3-4 business days. 

  • SpinSamurai: SpinSamurai allows you to claim up to $1200 as a bonus. The minimum deposit allowed is $15, so if you want to play with that range — this is the online casino to play online blackjack in Canada for you. 

  • MuchoVegas: allows you to claim up to $5000 as a bonus — MuchoBonus accepts the minimum deposit of just $10. The payout rate is over 95%, and you can expect the payout in real-time. Sometimes, it could extend for up to five business days. 

There you go! These are some of the best online blackjack casino reviews for Canadian players. You could register on any of these platforms and find almost all the variations of blackjack out there. All three online blackjack have more than 1500 games for gambling your money and trying your luck. So, not just blackjack, you could also play Slots, Roulette, and many other games that you always wanted to try. 

Wrapping up 

This best online blackjack website guide must have enhanced your knowledge of blackjack. So, you could start betting money if you think you’re comfortable. If not, there are tons of guides — dedicated to individual variations of blackjack — you could refer to them besides this and further learn about the game. All in all, it is best to learn to understand the rules, the odds, and the type of payout before playing the variation.


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