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Progressive Slots Online in Canada 

With progressive slots Canada, you can stand millions of C$ using just a minimum bet. Sounds surprising? Well, Progressive slots online is one exciting game of casino where the jackpot can’t be won. Yes, you read that right! In this kind of casino game, jackpots keep yielding each time the game is played until a winner emerges, and chances are the yields can earn you a life changing prize without spending a huge amount.  Thus, this guide will walk you through helpful ideas about progressive slots, how it works, its history, and tips to succeed playing progressive slots online. In addition, you’ll discover its pros and cons. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive in and discover the unknown. 

How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work? 

Just as the name implies, Progressive jackpot is a casino game with no fixed jackpot prize, instead, the jackpot prize progresses and yields as the player keeps placing a wager on the slots. However, once a player wins in this kind of casino game, the jackpot automatically resets to a fixed value and starts to accumulate as the game continues. 

You might ask, How does the jackpot accumulate? Progressive jackpot slots accumulate by taking a percentage of the bet wagered on the game it’s connected with. Plus, the more casinos and games connected to this jackpot, the faster it yields, and the higher your chances of winning the big bag. Thus, if you love playing video poker, online slots, or roulette there’s always a progressive jackpot awaiting you.  

Types Of Progressive Jackpots  

Standalone Progressive Jackpot

As the name states, these are the standalone jackpot slots that are not connected to any other game or machine in the casino network. The prize of the jackpot of such slot progress with each bet placed by the players and can be won on that particular machine only. Being a traditional online Jackpot, the prize of the Standalone Progressive Jackpots will be comparatively lower than the other machine in the network.  

In-house Jackpots

In-house Jackpot Slots are multiple standalone machines connected to a single casino to form a combined jackpot. Whereas the prize still won’t reach millions at such Jackpot Slots, it will still be higher than that of Standalone Progressive Jackpot. 

To understand more in detail, let’s take the example of two casinos having the same slot machine but their prize money will vary from one another because the bets placed in each casino will contribute to the Jackpot of the respective casino only.

Networked Progressive Jackpots

Multiple slot games, when connected through a network despite being played in different casinos take a part of each bet placed by the players to form one big Jackpot is what we call the Networked Progressive Jackpots.

As multiple slot games are involved in these Jackpots the prize money does hit millions of C$. This network of online jackpot slots can be within the city, country or it can also be a global network of Online Jackpots coming together to give you a chance to become a millionaire. 

Pros and Cons of Progressive Jackpots 

Like most Casino games, Progressive Jackpots also have their pros and cons. It would be wise of anyone who wants to play Progressive Jackpots slots online to be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out some of the upsides and downsides of the Progressive Slots

  • Big Wins

The most attractive thing about Progressive Slots is that you have a higher chance of winning. You can win huge Prize Money as high as 6, 7-Figure amounts.

  • Growing Payback with each Bet

Another advantage of playing the Progressive Jackpot slots is that the Return-to-Player or the payback grows with the Jackpot. This simply means each bet placed on these machines will increase the Jackpot Prize.

  • Lesser chance of Winning

In order to increase the Jackpot Prize more players are needed to lose the bet, thus to avail a huge winning prize at the Progressive Jackpot Slots the chance of winning is lesser.

  • Highly Volatile

As the Jackpot is huge the chance of winning or losing is also 50-50. You can either win big or lose big. With a single bet placed you might lose big. Therefore the volatility is higher in Progressive Slot Jackpots but as we know, some like the high volatility and some don’t.

  • Low Payback

The higher the jackpot money the lower the payback is. When you play for a fixed Jackpot you can expect a higher payback but for the increasing & the biggest Jackpot in the Progressive Slots, the pay-out usually starts at around 85% – 88%. This fact is for both online and physical Progressive Slots.

  • Unavailable At Most Online Sites

The Progressive Jackpot Slots with higher amounts of Jackpots are only available at the very best performing online casino sites. Not all online casino sites can afford to pay such a huge amount of Jackpot prizes. Sometimes the pay-back rate will be slow other times pay-out time will vary. So, it is better to do completely thorough research before starting betting online in the Progressive Jackpot Slots.

Progressive Slots Tips and Tricks

Progressive Jackpot Slots are very fun to play. You can win big by simply adding to a wide network of betting. Let’s find out some of the Tips & Tricks for playing Progressive Slots to maximize your chances at winning.

  • Minimum or Maximum Bets?

It’s all about balancing between maximum bets and minimum bets. To win big you should carefully budget your bets accordingly, Instead of betting max at each slot, it is wiser to place multiple minimum bets. 

  • Know your Game

Read the fine print! Read the terms and conditions! Read the rules! 

Yes, if you don’t want to spend your money cluelessly in the Progressive Slots, you should read all the terms, conditions, and rules of the game prior.

  • It’s all about Luck

Where there is no sure-fire way to win at Progressive Jackpot Slots, one must accept the fact that winning at these games depends on luck.

  • Study the Stats

Before placing your bets, do check the stats such as the Return-to-player rate of the Jackpot Slot. Or read about the pay-tables which are offered for each slot or game. Studying these points will help you understand the stakes involved and more.

  • Read the Reviews

One of the most effective ways of knowing about playing the Progressive Slots is asking other players or the reviews. These regular players can guide you if the slot is worth pursuing or not or how you can make most of the bets placed. Also do find out about the amount of the previously won Jackpots, sometimes it is available on the respective sites right away.

  • Don’t Get Distracted

Some of the Jackpot Slots offer to double your winning or to quit. It is wise of players to set their eyes on the actual jackpot instead of getting distracted by such gambles. If you are actually serious about playing the Progressive Jackpot Slots, you should then also accept the fact that winning at such games is totally random.

The History of Progressive Jackpots 

The prototype of Slot Machines known to the history of casinos was designed by Charles Fey. He is also known as the Father of Slot Machines because his prototype is still used today in Casinos. Over the years many cosmetic and mechanical changes were made to these slot machines in terms of decorations as per themes or the casing being cast iron or wood.

Slot Machines became the most attractive way of casino gambling in the 1940s when Bugsy Siegel first placed them in his casino in Las Vegas and the others followed him. As these slot machines started bringing more money into the casinos the owners rearranged their floor setups to place the slot machines strategically and centrally. The machines with higher pay-outs were placed in such a way where the winner could be easily and clearly seen collecting the coins thrown out by the machine.

In March 1986, International Game Technology launched the First Progressive Slot Machine. The major difference between the traditional Slot Machine and the Progressive Slot Machine was the amount of the jackpot which increased when more and more players placed bets in the Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines. 

The first progressive slot machine known, Megabuck was locally hooked in the USA via modern technology over the phone lines. Initially, the IGT decided to fund the first Million dollars to put the Jackpot Prize in motion but soon after that, the Jackpot prize amount depended upon the number of bets placed on these slot machines. The thought of becoming instant millionaires brought a great number of players to deposit coins into these Progressive Slot Machines and within a year after the launch, the first Jackpot of $4,988,842.17 was won in Reno on 1st February 1987.